Y.A.H.W.E.H. Service Team

The Y.A.H.W.E.H. Service Team is a group of young men and women who are excited and ready to go out into the world and serve those in need. In the Old Testament, YAHWEH is a sacred and special name for God used to help the ancient Israelites begin to understand and appreciate their unique connection with a God and Lord who both created the universe and cared for them personally. This Team's efforts are designed to help all those who participate deepen their own understanding of the connection that each of us has with God and to, then, go out and do his work in the world. This is why we call ourselves Y.A.H.W.E.H.:


Guided by young adult leaders from our church, the mission of the Y.A.H.W.E.H. Service Team is to begin that work by giving high school age students the chance to go and have firsthand experiences of living out and deepening their faith through serving the poor, the struggling, and those in most need. Simply put, we want to give these students the chance to do the work of YAHWEH, our God.

Below are some pictures and thoughts of our team that went to Wilmington, NC in June of 2019 with YouthWorks.

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"This was an eye-opening experience for me. We completed various projects and met some great people along the way. It was very rewarding to serve others in an effort to help rebuild their homes while they continue to rebuild their lives."

"This summer I had the privilege of joining seventeen Saint John Bosco teens on a Mission trip to Wilmington, North Carolina. We spent four days doing demolition, installing insulation, and removing brush from homes devastated by hurricane Florence. I met individuals who had their entire world destroyed and still held their head up high. They continued to persevere with such grace. Getting to know these people was life changing to me. I learned that life can change in an instant, and it is critical to keep a positive mindset and your trust in God. I will never forget these people or the volunteer service we provided. I look forward to sharing my experiences and hope to attend another Mission trip in the future."

“It was a very humbling and eye opening experience. Seeing how big of a difference some care and effort can make in another persons life, made every second of hard work worth it. The people I met and the stories they told were truly inspiring and really made a difference in my outlook on the life I’ve been given. Every day helped me learn a little more about myself, and grow closer to God and everyone else around me. This trip changed me as a person and I am so thankful for that. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible!”

"The mission trip to North Carolina was truly a blast and it was an unforgettable experience for all of us! We met amazing people who taught us so much about our faith and God. They helped us to better understand His love for us and His importance in our lives. It was very powerful to put God’s love into action by serving others. This experience also helped me to realize how fortunate I am. Some people have been homeless since last September, and helping them rebuild their lives was incredibly eye opening. We worked hard, but we had opportunities for devotional prayer, bonding and getting to know each other, and participating in lots of fun activities. I recommend that everyone go and serve on a mission trip. I will definitely be part of the next one!"

"The trip to Wilmington was an amazing experience! I went down there with the idea that I would be the one serving people, but I did not think about what I would be receiving in return. In return, I met beautiful people with amazing and humbling stories. There was one man in particular named Herman, who really inspired me. He has lived a life where, in most circumstances, other people would not nearly be as close to God as he is. Herman, in his everyday life, puts God first. When talking to anyone, he is able to make them feel significant and appreciated. Herman's humility towards life is inspiring, and he is someone that I will always remember and look up to."