Abraham's Tent

Abraham’s Tent is a program sponsored each winter by Columbus House in New Haven. Twelve homeless men are selected by Columbus House based on their focus on personal improvement -  participation in self-improvement programs, sobriety, and employment are just some of the prerequisites. A number of churches and organizations in the New Haven area participate in hosting the men for a week. This allows the men to be able to focus on finding employment, etc., knowing they have a secured place to stay for the winter, and makes more room in the shelter for the cold months.

St. John Bosco Parish hosts the men for one week each year. Columbus House delivers the men each night at 6:00 PM and volunteers prepare dinner and provide social conversations, board games, and more for the evening. Columbus House provides beds and bedding to be placed in the Church Hall. After breakfast, the men are transported back to Columbus House at 6:30 AM each morning.

The repeated success of Abraham’s Tent is attributed primarily to the enthusiastic response of our parish volunteers! You can sign up to volunteer for the following:

  • Donate and Cook Dinner one evening
  • Socializing in the evening
  • Donate and Cook Breakfast one morning
  • Overnight Volunteers
  • Donations of Needed Supplies

For more information, please contact:

Nora Cash           203-481-8896     nscash@snet.net

Mark Eschrich    203-481-9255     markj@eschrich.us

Joanne Roscio   203-481-0233     jmr625@aol.com