Bible in a Year

"The Bible in a Year" Podcast


Join us as we read the entirety of the Bible in 2021! The Bible in a Year podcast with Fr. Mike Schmitz of Ascension Press has taken off as one of the most downloaded podcasts of the new year. On each day of 2021, Fr. Schmitz is reading portions of the Sacred Scriptures according to the Great Adventure Bible Timeline which highlights the magnificent narrative of salvation history. Downloading the daily podcast (audio recording) is free and each episode is approximately 20 minutes with a Bible reading and short reflection. It is best to start from the beginning if you are catching up. The reading schedule is also available for free download. You can purchase Jeff Cavin's book Walking with God for similar commentary content if you are unable to listen to the episdoes.

Our own Fr. John will be periodically presenting an optional recap of the readings and answering questions for those who are interested through Zoom and live-stream. Come and read the Book of Books with us!


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Reflection and Q&A Sessions with Fr. John

January 28th at 7:00 PM Links forthcoming